I Am My Truth

I Am My Truth

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Women Conference that will impact women that are willing and ready to walk in their purpose while sharing their truth with other women.

About this event

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Have you figured out why you are here and doing all the things that you have been doing over the years?
  • Do you know what your true purpose in life is right now?
  • Have you lost your confidence over the years?

Do you realize that in the mist of everything that there's another Beautiful women just like yourself that shares a similar story? Come join the SisTeas as we share our own experiences and true stories to help encourage you and others. I didn't give up and the SisTeas won't allow you to give up either.


Tanesha Lowe, AccountabiliTEA Coach, Speaker

Dr. Kimberly A. Little-Janha, Human Service Professional, Speaker