The Tea

  • Serving Up The Love

    Make sure that you're serving up love, and it doesn't have to be love that's in a sexual way. It doesn't have to be a physical type of love. Love is just what it is, expressing yourself, letting people know, just showing up. Letting people feel it, even when nothing is being said. And a lot of times we get so complacent and so comfortable to where we lose sight of what we are serving up. And so I just want y'all to think about that
  • Relationships – Is something missing?

    How many of you are in a relationship that you know you're not supposed to be in? How many of you feel like the only reason you're there is because something is missing. I might know where that is. Is it because you need love that you're not getting from yourself? That's right, from yourself.
  • What Is Self-Love?

    What is self-love? For me self-love is loving on yourself, doing things for you that brings you happiness. Brings you joy. Gives you that humph of I got to get my shit done type of thing. Taking care of your needs and putting more focus on what it is you need, versus what everybody else needs, because we all know we'll go so hard in the pain for everybody else.